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3/6/09 04:35 pm - A Couple of Things

Okay so two things popped into my head that I wanted to say and this was the medium for it.

1. I'm doing video now. I've started a vlog and put up a few vids of my life in Denver and commentary. It'll expand later. I've got about 4 vids I need to edit and post. I'm trying to find time to do so, especially since I've got the kung fu going on during the week and this weekend I'm supposed to be doing ghost hunting at a friend's house. That should provide some interesting footage as well. Even if we don't catch a ghost on tape, we always have huge amounts of fun together. You can check my videos out at http://www.youtube.com/jjkeeling.

2. I had a dream about a friend this morning. In this dream, he told me to email him at his new email address, because he hadn't heard from me in a while and was wondering why, at which point I reminded him that he never gave me his new address. He felt bad and apologized, but when I woke up I got kinda sad because I knew I wouldn't be hearing from the guy and probably never will. Of course, he's not really a big part of my life and never has been, but he's still a cool guy that I've always liked to keep in touch with. So if you're reading this, mister, my email address is the name you know me by - name dot last name at yahoo dot com. You can claim you remembered it and thought you'd say hello.

And really, anyone who wants to contact me can do so. I'm mostly sorta friendly in a way.

12/27/08 05:20 pm - Of Mice and Plot Bunnies (and the equipment to slay them)

Well, I've been helping a friend look for a house. Got me to wondering if maybe I should do the same. It's quite a daunting thing. So I think I'll go for something that looks easier, and write a novel instead.

Two weeks ago, I was assaulted by one of the biggest plot bunnies I've ever seen!

One good thing about Christmas, even though it was pretty sad because I couldn't go home and see my mom in the nursing home, was that I got money from Dad's side. With said money, I managed to get a AlphaSmart Neo. It should be shipped to me shortly. I can't wait! I could write on a mountain top if I wanted! It freakin' runs on batteries! Three AA batteries! My vibrator takes more batteries than that, and it doesn't run for anywhere near 700 hours! Ahem... well, that was probably TMI. But seriously, I'm going to look so cool tooling around town, opening the portfolio I got to carry the Neo, and typing away to slay the plot bunnies!

So the other stories have been on hold for a while due to emotional and psychological strain. I'll be working on them when I get stuck on this one, which shall be tentatively named Termination Shock. Brownie points if you know what the title means without googling it.

Yeah, biggest plot bunny I ever saw! This could be a trilogy!

11/6/08 10:15 pm - Peeking In

Life has been hectic. NaNo has been slow. This makes for a bad combo. However, I have gotten a pretty good idea about where I want my story to go. I'm looking a bit for a cheering section. Any takers? I'll cheer you through your NaNo. I'll even get onto you if you get lazy!

And hello to my newest reader. Feel free to say hi!

8/11/08 07:15 pm - Happy Birthday, Doc!

You know who you are.

Happy double threes!

I'd have done this in email or text and spare the public embarrassment if I'd 1) had your phone number, since my phone crashed and I lost all my numbers or B) gotten your email address as you promised before you moved.

So let this be a lesson to you. Of some kind. It'll only get worse next year if I don't hear from you. I could easily declare your birthday some kind of internet holiday. Please don't make me stalk you. I don't have that kind of energy anymore. Plus the amusement on that has worn off.

Miss the bunny! I'd love to give you a longwinded update. Tons going on these days.
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8/2/08 08:23 pm - Still Missing My Baby

Today is the second anniversary of the passing of my kittybaby, Calico. Sitting here on the balcony of my new apartment, I can't help but think about how much she would have loved it here.

It is also the birthday of a former friend. Even though he is not fond of me anymore, I still wish him the best and hope for his happiness.

And befitting the mood, it has just begun to rain.

7/15/08 11:48 am - Nonsense Haiku Day!

Let it never be said that I can't do crazy fun things! Those who have known me for ever know about how I once declared a holiday called Purple Fuzzy Feet Day. Not so odd considering Maurice Broaddus recently had a Timmy Day after watching a South Park marathon.

So what mischief am I up to this time?


It's just 5 then 7 then 5, right? Lots of times it's not even that. I've written haiku that had meaning. I've even had it spring into my head fully formed like some sort of reverse Athena until the migraine forced me to put it on paper just to get the Aegis to stop nibbling on my brain stem.



This is not about meaningful haiku! This is about stringing any weird words together. It doesn't even have to be real words. Total gibberish isn't all that exciting, however. I'm thinking if you do gibberish, make it more like Jabberwocky type stuff. I'll also allow Bushisms for the term being. Here's the one I came up with this morning:
Ice cream train station
The turtle sneezes loudly
I like to say "crap"
Yeah, it's not exciting, but it popped into my head fully formed and I certainly didn't need an ice cream headache. Or something like that.

So I'm declaring July 16th the first annual "Nonsense Haiku Day" in honor of someone's birthday, even though he's in a bad mood and refuses to celebrate because he's trying out for the role of Eeyore in the Lakewood production of "Life is Pooh and Then You Die".

Okay, I made that up, but I'm going to ask that everyone who wants to contribute send me an email, reply to this blog, text, etc. with your submission. The results will be printed up and handed to one of my favorite people as a Happy-Birthday-Now-Cheer-Your-Ass-Up chapbook as well as put up on my blog in a nonsense haiku entry for all the world to see and proper credit given (unless you tell me not to reveal that you were the one behind that crap).

If you can't get it in within 24 hours, fret not! There's no telling when I'll be seeing my friend next and it'll be about a week before I put up the results. But seriously, if it takes you a week to put together 17 syllables of nothing, you're thinking too hard.

I would have put this up sooner, but I just now thought of it. If it turns out well, I'll do it again next year and give more notice.


4/24/08 10:25 pm - Of Mice and Zombies

"I will knock down the Gates of the Netherworld,
I will smash the door posts, and leave the doors flat down,
And will let the dead go up to eat the living!
And the dead will outnumber the living!"
Ishtar, The Epic of Gilgamesh

I've been reading up on zombies lately. I got there through a strange wiki-surf. I had been trying to look up a root word and wound up at a wikipedia entry for Persian fairies. That led me to ghouls, which are much closer to what we think of now as zombies. In fact, zombies originally were merely ghosts or dead which had been raised to become slaves to a bokun, a Voodoo sorcerer. They were without free will and pretty much mute. When it came to eating the flesh of the living, that was a ghoul's job.

Ghouls exist in one form or another in pretty much every world myth. Also in pretty much every world myth? An apocalyptic presence of walking dead, eating the bewildered living and bringing civilization to a screeching halt: the now-popular Zombie Apocalypse. It's even mentioned in Christianity. Don't believe me? Have you read Revelations? Throngs of the Evil Dead storming New Eden in an attempt to take it over and have their revenge on the virtuous. Zombie. Freakin'. Apocalypse. It's everywhere. The idea even predates the Epic of Gilgamesh, quoted above.

So why am I finding this so fascinating now? Well, for one thing I want to write something zombiefied, but I want a different take on it. What better way than to go back to the roots and work from the ground up? Also, I met a guy not long ago who firmly believes that there will be a Zombie Apocalypse started by a combination of cloned, irradiated meat and Ambien. "The dead will walk among us!" he said insistently to some very drunk, and quite possibly high, musical types hanging out at the bar. Personally, I don't believe in such an event. It's fun to think about, a fantasy to muse over, wondering if I'd be prepared, debating with my friends how to best handle it. But it's just a fantasy. Or is it?

I've been doing more study on the topic and it seems the idea has gone back thousands of years and spans pretty much every culture on every continent on the planet. We could go into all sorts of explanations as to how ancient (and even modern) peoples might have developed such fears through superstition and fear of the unknown, fear of death. We could dissect the shock of seeing a loved one so transformed by death into a cold, lifeless thing and how we keep wanting to see them move, yet at the same time pray they lie still in that coffin. We could go into lingering legends, literary themes, movies, sci-fi fantasies, conspiracy theories, and even cellular memory, Akashic Records and universal consciousness. Regardless of where it comes from, it's one of those widespread things. You know, sorta like all those ancient myths about a virgin birth or a dying god that brings life to the world.

Even the Mayans had a ritual of sacrifice of the king where he bled to death in order to bring fertility back to the land. Then there was that one historical figure who, it was claimed, had all the qualities of those myths. C.S. Lewis became a Christian overnight while having a heated debate on myth while drinking with his pals. Why? Because in the course of the argument, he came to believe that Jesus was the physical manifestation of all those world myths. If you take myth from the point of view of prophecy rather than a bunch of cool stories or the belief structures of some ancient culture, that they are all telling the story of something yet to be, then yes, Jesus was the fulfillment of all of those prophecies from around the world (something I personally believe). So why are there so many stories of a Zombie Apocalypse, even in the bible? Is it prophecy from all around the world? Ancient people who were clued in on something and then scattered, their languages confused, and the legends became slightly skewed as the Gossip Game played out for millennia on end? Did they know something that we still bring up in popular fiction and entertainment even to this day?

A friend of mine believes that there are already tons of zombies out there. Not the flesh-munching, brain-craving kind. No. The slaves without free will. And, oh! how we wish they were mute! Karl Marx once said that religion is the opiate of the masses. I think he might have had a different point of view if he'd grown up in this day and age. Entertainment is now the opiate of the masses. Reality TV takes us away from the world around us. Competition shows drain us of our drive to succeed. Instead, we all stand around the water cooler the next day and talk about the latest twist on Nip/Tuck, Desperate Housewives, and whatever else is popular these days. When the TV comes on, brain function slows to less than if we were sleeping. Our bodies move less than if we were comatose. It's a big part of why I got rid of my television. To quote Dr. Scott, "We must get out of this trap before this decadence saps our vills!"

Too late. Most of the people you see are already nothing more than human cattle, lulled into complacency and drained of their own creativity and any urges to rebel against oppression. Just take a listen to John Mayer's hit "Waiting On The World To Change" where he states "...it's not that we don't care/we just know the fight ain't fair..." Well, that didn't stop our parents in the 60's. And what happened when they did all their protests? We got change! Civil rights. Women's lib. If we sit on our asses, what's going to change? Nothing. And by the time our generation rules the population, as the song goes, we'll be perfectly content to keep the status quo. Whatever happened to civil disobedience? Peaceful protest? The principles of Thoreau, Ghandi, King? Meh, just have a sit-in at your mom's basement and wait for the assholes to die off. There's a good principle!

So we're already zombies, in a way. Fear of retaliation and a generic blasé have made us content to put up with whatever injustices may come our way. We might roll our eyes and do some passive-agressive bitching under our breath, but for the most part The Man has us right where he wants us. Is it something in the water? Perhaps it is. Maybe something is being added to the food supply to make us more malleable and compliant, a better citizen. Zombie slaves without will, punching a time card and sitting in a cubicle all day. Cookie cutter humans in assembly line jobs with no sense of self. Life is nothing more than a value combo set before us anymore. No wonder Romero considered his movies to be a social commentary of what's wrong with our society!

We need a Zombie-Ghoul Apocalypse. If not to shake us up and bring us back to life, then to weed out the mindless, the apathetic, and Lindsay Lohan. Ghoul Vs. Zombie. It would be like AVP except much slower and with a lot more shambling and whining. Who would you root for? Great-Grammy's maggot-ridden corpse or the bitch from down the hall that stole your stapler and then told everyone you made copies of your butt after hours? So come on already, Ishtar! When is the party? Oh, you're watching a Girls Next Door marathon? Nevermind.

What's in your head? In your head?

3/16/08 07:52 pm - LOLCats as MuseCrack

Humorous Pictures
see more crazy cat pics

If you like writing and find you need inspiration for a scene or a story, give musecrack a try. If you need something a bit more offbeat, try I Can Has Cheezburger or LOLCats. How can you not think of evil when you see this adorable kitteh?!

And what about this poor feline?
Humorous Pictures
see more crazy cat pics

Carry on...

3/16/08 07:19 pm - It Just Keeps Growing!

So I've been writing the latest short story for quite a while. It was around 9 pages when I hit a kind of block and walked away from it. Now it's damn near 20! I get the feeling that maybe it's not a short story after all. It could very well keep going into the actual novel that I was eventually going to turn it into. And why not? Why make it two stories when it could be just one? It works better considering the little things which have been creeping their way into the story. Plus, the novel would have a couple of chapters which rehashed the short story just to explain how it got to that point to begin with.

So... "Arachne's Pact" may very well be longer than I imagined. I can't stop writing it. It's like it's taking on a life of its own. But hey, it gives me hope that maybe I really can write for endurance! Until the more recent short stories, all I could manage was bad poetry.

On top of that, two more stories are tapping me on the shoulder. One is a story I tried to start a few years ago. The other is something that I haven't quite figured out yet. It's vague, yet it likes to gnaw on my ankles whilst I sleep. It keeps promising me that if I only start, it will do the rest. The heroine seems to be pretty cool. I'd like to write what's going on in her head. It makes me wonder why there aren't more reluctant heroines. There's plenty of the tough as nails type who have been through hell and lost a part of their own soul. There's plenty of those who have some hidden power that they didn't realize that they had which they can use to overcome whatever evil presents itself. But what of the one who knows she has the ability, doesn't really want to get mixed up in it, but winds up beating down the baddies despite the fact that she'd really rather be knitting on a shady porch and drinking lemonade with her friends? Why aren't there more of them? She doesn't have to be without a soul, or missing a vital piece of her emotional self. She could just be like "Oh, here we go again. Gosh, I never get used to these things..." So I'm quite looking forward to writing a reluctant heroine.

Anyhoo, hope you all are having a great St Pat's weekend! Don't forget to be Irish. Just drink enough to forget how Irish you were the night before. (And always be responsibly Irish.)

3/8/08 07:19 pm - Writing Bug Relapse

I've been on a reading spree again. This time it was Kill Jack Haringa in Your Blog Day entries. I must say I'm envious. I wish I could have participated, but I didn't really know about it and at this point I'd be a day late and several dollars short. I'm also envious because I wish I was so loved that my friends would kill me in their stories in nifty and horrific ways. Some of them made me laugh out loud. What's cool is that the man himself thought it was fantastic.

The great thing about reading so many creative ideas on killing a person is that I have gotten many wonderful ideas myself for future stories. So far, I haven't killed off many characters. In fact, I think only one of my characters died and that was my friend lupaslament when she suggested I write a story about Cthulhu fairies. What else would it do? Grant wishes? Consider it a blessing, dear. The rest of my characters wind up tortured by the horrors that haunt them. You got a kissypoo from a fairy!

So the gears are turning once more and I think I might have the itch enough to finish the story I've been typping on about the arachnophobic college student. It's actually a short story that will wind up tying in to a novel length story down the road, and all based in the universe I have forming in my head. Of course, the short story can still stand alone and leave you wondering what's real and what's not. Is it in her head? Did it really happen? Has she just lost her everlovin' marbles? That's up to the reader until the novel shows up.

I also have ideas for a couple more stories. Not sure how long they are. I just have images of them at this point. One involves identical triplet girls. The other involves a woman that a man can only see in the mirror. I don't know about you guys, but mirrors always kinda freaked me a bit because I felt like I was being watched. Whenever I brush my teeth, I can't look in the mirror because I get the sense that someone can see me working the minty foam around my mouth. Could be. How do you know that someone you can't see isn't watching you from the mirror realm? Or is that reflection really a doppelganger standing there, observing your mannerisms so that they can come out, kill you, and take your place? Don't talk too much about your life in front of the mirror. You don't know what might be listening. Talk about identity theft!

Still formulating and plotting,
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